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About Our Company

Dutchcraft Truss and Component Inc. is located in Stark County, Ohio.


We serve the following states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia and offer delivery within a 150-mile radius of our plant located in Minerva, OH.

Dutchcraft Truss & Component Inc. was started in 2004 in a 1200 square foot garage and has since expanded to a 20,000 + square foot facility.


Our company continues to grow every year, and strives to develop and grow relationships with existing and new customers.

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Truss Design

Dutchcraft Truss & Component Inc. specializes in complex residential and commercial roof truss projects.  Dutchcraft uses MiTek design software and connector plates for every truss Dutchcraft manufactures. MiTek is the leader in construction design and fabrication software.


At Dutchcraft Truss & Component Inc. we use the right equipment to build precision trusses.


All of our truss lines are equipped with Clark roof truss presses to get plate placement and plate embedment exact. This is an extremely important part of our manufacturing process. Dutchcraft also uses SL Lasers on all of its truss fabrication lines ensuring superior accuracy when manufacturing roof trusses.

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Our Delivery Service

At Dutchcraft Truss & Component Inc. we have many combinations of trucks and trailers to deliver trusses to your jobsite efficiently and in a timely manner.

Our Goal

At Dutchcraft Truss & Component Inc. our goal is to supply our customers with high- quality roof trusses at competitive prices and to have the very best customer service in the industry.

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